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    Dr. Julie Hens

    Julie came from a family of musicians. Every Sunday, her father would play the  organ for hours. During the summer her family would go camping, and her older
    sister would play guitar around the campfire. All her brothers and sisters  played  musical instruments from Piano, guitar, to sax, clarinet, trumpet and drums. Julie started playing French horn in 7th grade at Depew Middle School in New York. She  played horn through high school in the Concert Band and pit orchestra for school  musicals. To avoid playing marches on her horn, she joined the Flags- color guard. 

    After high school she went to Canisius College for Biology, and unfortunately the school did not have a large music programs, and therefore she stopped playing in 1987. She graduated from Canisius College and then went to Penn State for a  Master’s degree in Genetics, and then went on to the University of Maryland for her  Doctorate. 

    While at Maryland, Julie inquired about borrowing a horn from the music department,  and they agreed to lend it to her provided that she played in the University of  Maryland Community Band. So, thus she picked up the horn after more than 10 years and began to relearn the horn. She played in the Maryland community band for 3 years under the direction of Dr. Wakefield, the conductor, and will always be grateful to him not only for providing the opportunity to play again, but to the other hornists  (Ron and Rick) in the band who not only coached her to remember the fingerings,
    badgered her to practice, but also provide friendship and encouragement as she  finished her PhD. 

    While playing in the Maryland community band, Julie also joined  the Greenbelt Community band. She played in both bands for the rest of her duration  at Maryland, and appreciates the friendships she developed in both bands.

    After she finished her PhD in Maryland, Julie moved up to Connecticut to do a postdoc at Yale, but alas she had to give-up her horn that she was using in Maryland.  However, as a present to herself for finishing her PhD, she bought a new horn… and so the saga continues. 

    Just after she moved to CT Julie went on the Internet, located the Stratford community band, and contacted them. She is first horn in the Stratford community band and she has been playing with the band for a year and a  half.  She is also a member of the Milford Community band.

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