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    Dee Pinto
    Dee Pinto, flutistI started playing in fourth grade at Stratford Academy.  I continued all the way through Wooster Middle School and Stratford High playing in Concert band and Pit band, I sometimes took private lessons also.  Through Stratford High I attended four Adjudications, including one in Canada, and had the honor of playing with the U.S. Navy Band.  In my senior year I was awarded the John Philip Sousa award.  After High school, though, I lost interest for a little while.  I hated playing without the rest of the band.
    Aside from dabbling occasionally in a couple of instruments (I used to pick up my brother's clarinet once in a while, but I seem to be single-instrument oriented) I also always wanted to play the Cello and I have several other hobbies:  I sang for three years in Stratford High's Chamber Choir and one year in the Chorus.  I am an Alto, by the way.  I also write, mostly short papers and some poetry and read almost anything I can get my hands on.  I collect song lyrics, mostly for things written long before I was born (I can't stand anything written after 1995 (or so) that isn't considered alternative or rock).  The Beatles are my all-time favorite, followed by Fleetwood Mac and the Moody Blues, whom I could never choose between.

    As far as the rest of my life, I keep myself quite busy.  I work  at a company called Silicon Integration in Milford, assembling and soldering circuit boards.  Some by hand, some by machine (I stand at the end of the machine that solders all the parts at the same time and keep the boards from falling onto the floor).  It takes hours and hours and some days you want to quit, but it's cool to know what the boards do.  One of them goes into the computer on a Navy boat.  I was very excited to learn about that.   I also have a second job, working at Salerno's Pizza in Stratford.  I have been there for four years cashiering and taking phone orders.

    At night during the week I attend Housatonic Community College.  My major is currently Humanities/Behavioral & Social Sciences, somewhere between my freshman and sophomore year. (I seem to be opting for the five-year-plan).  I chose a major in Psychology because the mind is a very cool thing to study and having a better understanding of it makes many aspects of society a little easier.  My alternatives to Psychology were Library Science, which I may go back to in my grown-up life, or Criminal Justice. I originally wanted to be a Judge, but when I found out you had to be a lawyer first I gave it up.  My moral standards are too high.

    When I am not working or studying, I am a Girl Scout.  I began in first grade and stayed all the way through graduation.  I earned the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards, the two highest awards in Girl Scouting and for my efforts my troop awarded me with a lifetime membership so I will always be a Girl Scout.  I find Girl Scouts to be one of the most rewarding things I do.

    So between work, school and others, I hadn't been able to join the community band until now.  And it has been very welcoming and enjoyable and I am glad I got to do it at all, even if it was later instead of sooner. 

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